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Quality Air Experts LLC Reviews - 100

Uchenna Onyeuka

This company & staff have consistently delivered on-time, professional and good quality services each time they come out to my home. I’ve had a major heat pump issue and the office staff is so courteous with scheduling my appointments, and the technicians have been excellent at explaining the repair process. Thank you & I highly recommend.

Raymond Bobo

I understand there is some type of phantom issue going on with my furnace that isn't glaringly obvious. But point blank, I explained the issue is sporadic. Whenever the current temperature is below the set temperature, cold air is blowing out of my vents. I have no clue why. Its sporadic. Only warm air was blowing while the technician was here. Per the technician, there was nothing for him to fix. He also didn't dig deeper and try to find an issue. Me leaving work for today's appointment was a complete waste of time. Because guess what, 5 hours later, cold air is blowing out of my vents. As we speak, the thermostat is set to 77 but it's 73 degrees. I guess this will be another night of turn off the heat, turn it back on, set the temperature to 85 or 88 and pray that warm air comes out the vent. Thanks for nothing.

Mariam Razeghi

The first tech that came out didn’t listen to our concerns, spent five minutes, and told us everything was working like it’s supposed to work. I called to express my disappointment and they offered to send a senior tech within a few days at no additional charge (it was a holiday weekend). The senior tech spent a few minutes and found that 90% of wiring was burned out and therefore we’re only getting 10% of the heating function. I’m appreciative of the company taking a second look and look forward to having our heat working soon.

Cynthia Gray

Very positive experience. The technician arrived early for the appointment. He was quick and had the system going in no time. My heating went out on Christmas Day and they had an appointment on Monday. I would use this company again

tom kanady

Arash is a great service tech. He pays attention to detail. Keep up the great work!!!

Michael Alexander

Very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the entire furnace. Ash was able to answer all of my questions as well as provide valuable insight. I will definitely use this company in the future.

Robert Simmons

I had a similar experience to another customer who was referred by their home warranty (AHS). Our HVAC air handler recently began causing loud vibrations in our walls in the back half of our house when the variable fan is running on high. I've always been told that the development of new noises like this are a sign that something could be wrong or needs adjusted on the unit, and not fixing could potentially result in more expensive fixes/replacements later. The tech glanced at the air handler and basically told us to wait until the unit breaks down fully and call the home warranty company back. He wasn't interested in talking through the hours of troubleshooting I had done the day prior to isolate where the noise stems from, and also told us that air handler fans either work or don't work. There is no in between where they run but have issues. Overall I was happy they came out within 24 hours of requesting an appointment, but the tech left much to be desired.

Mohamad Chwiki

Very good company I trust there work in professional way and I recommended to anyone. Thanks

Jorge Cruz

Scheduled my service with Stephanie, very helpful and explained the process also super nice and friendly customer care. Tech came out the same day got work done flawless. AC works mint Tech also said the ways I could maintain my AC to run better. I honestly don't have any idea about my AC the company I worked with went out of business. I'm thinking of getting a service plan with Quality air since they been nothing but helpful.

Tina van Es

He was very accommodating with my time frame. Very professional. I was very happy with their service.

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