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One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Northern Virginia Reviews - 100

Cem Yolbulan

Do not work with this company! I don't know which one it is, but they are either hugely incompetent or straight up scammers.

I spent over $4k after they 100% guaranteed that my AC would work after they replace the coil. It's still not working and now they are saying I have to spend close to another $2k to get the motor replaced.

After trying to reach them for an entire week, they finally took my call and offered to refund $119 (dispatch fee), and only if I agree to put in a deposit for the new motor. Honestly, at that point don't even offer me that, that's disrespectful.

I do not recommend you wasting your time and money on their incompetent technicians and unprofessional customer service.

Irene W. Lin

I'm going to give Zero Star .
I complain about their irresponsibility and inefficiency. Before, the staff told us that if we ordered the parts immediately, we could receive them in three days. However, two weeks later, the staff called to say that we had received one less part and we still needed to wait. I don't know if they're just making excuses for not being able to fix it, or are they really being so inefficient? This water heater was installed by this company in November 2017. The staff of this company installed it for about a month before we started to use the hot water. Unexpectedly, the water leakage occurred in less than three years. The water leakage is chronic, so we didn't find it could continue to be used until recently, when the machine couldn't work and the staff found that the parts inside had been seriously corroded and rusted. He suggested we replace it with a new water heater, but told us we could fix it after learning that his colleague had installed it. And now it's been more than two weeks and they haven't dealt with it for us and they haven't apologized! Can you imagine two weeks without a hot bath?

If the person in charge of this company sees this comment and sincerely wants to help us solve the problem, I hope you can give me a reasonable reply!

Ramona Michauskas

I recently needed service for a leaking HVAC, Modern Mechanical was able to have a technician at my door within 2 days. Scott was knowledgeable, courteous, and respectful. He had my unit up and running in a short time and the cost was reasonable. I am very happy with Scott and Modern Mechanical.

Edward Holmes

Paid $119 for a wrong diagnosis!

Called them to troubleshoot my HVAC system that would turn on but was not blowing cold air. To their credit, they were able to come out the very next day. After the technician took a look at the outside unit, he initially thought the issue was the capacitor and tested a new one with no luck. Decided that the issue was the fan and the fan motor and quoted me $2.4k to get it replaced. Recommended getting a whole new unit because mine was over 20 years old (which makes sense but I was not looking for a new one, just the repair).

Ended up getting another company out to troubleshoot and turns out it was the capacitor.... He hooked up the new one and the outside unit fired right up! Not sure what the issue was when this companies tech came out, but the second technician stated he probably did not read the correct value for the capacitor he hooked up which is why it did not start.


One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning installed my HVAC a few years ago and I was very happy with their work then. I used them this time for HVAC maintenance. The technician was on time, polite, and did a great job! He did make some recommendations, but wasn't pushy about me making a decision while he was there. He also pointed out that my water heater had a tiny leak (they did not install the water heater), which I hadn't noticed! I will be calling them for an estimate to get that repaired. Overall, my experiences with One Hour Heating and AC has been great! I would (And have!) recommend them to friends and family!

Tre Dwinell

One hour heating and air conditioning service was very professional. I would recommend this company to others looking for quality services and nice technicians. I have now had them come out twice on two separate issues to repair our unit and perform preventative maintenance. The technician introduced themselves upon entry and explained the services they would be performing and why. He was very informative and pleasant while in our house. He identified areas to be aware of but did not try to push additional services which was great. I plan on using them for all future requirements.

Naomi Stevenson

I’ve called One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning countless times upon moving into my home. In particular, Jaime Valenzuela was a spectacular technician. During a routine inspection he helped identify the different issues with my unit and patiently explained what each part was and the different options I had to fix it. Specifically, he identified a small gas leak and showed me the process of how he identified it and which part it was located at. I really appreciated the full overview, the explanation of all the options, and the patience with my questions. I highly recommend Jamie and will keep requesting him in the future.

Brenda Sheive

I have found them kind and professional. They get everything set up from the office and I have a 2 hour window of when they are coming and a text that they are on the way. They get in and get the work done and them give me an update of what they found to plan for the next year.

Ryan Kim

The tech was super informative and polite. He was honest with everything, especially pricing.

Kevin Boss

Original post a year ago: Best price around. Best financing as well. Price match guarantee. Abel was friendly and thorough. My only knock is that I don't have much experience with the AC Units that they deal. I don't know enough to be a critic though. Great pricing!

This year after getting a few quotes from other companies One Hour was still the best. We worked with George Riley, and couldn't be happier. He treated us like a friend, and didn't try to sell us anything that we didn't need. We talked over a month before pulling the trigger on a new HVAC. The price that we settled on was outstanding, and an install crew was out the next day to put it in. The installers (Daniel, Drew, Stephen, and Zach) were personable, and courteous. They took the time to answer any questions that I had throughout the process. It was a tight space in my town home's backyard but they made it fit to code. All carpets were covered during the process, and masks worn indoor. When the new unit needed to be adjusted to condition the house properly, George sent out an install crew within a day. I couldn't ask for a better experience.

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